Sunday, September 6, 2009

7 Interesting Facts about Your Health

Get crushed
Crush garlic before cooking it, suggests the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. Heat damages the enzymes in the gloves that prevent blood clots. By crushing it, it minimizes the effect heat may have on it.

Take a scoop
Ice cream may help you get pregnant, thanks to a fat-soluble dairy compound, according to a Harvard School of Public Health Study.

Fat attack
A high-fat meal makes it harder for your heart to cope with stress notes a study in in the Journal of Nutrition. Blood pressure can rise after a meal high in saturated fats. So if you have a hectic schedule, pack a healthy lunch.

Main Squeeze
Grapefruit has always been a diet classic; now a study in the Journal of medicinal Food shows how the sweet-and-sour citrus may help weight loss. Citrus keeps insulin levels low, which might help your body burn more fat.

Cancer kicker
Two cups of beans a week cut your risk for colon cancer by 65% says search of the South African Cancer association.

Bye-Bye belly
Another reason to eat breakfast – it may give you flatter abs. Researchers have found that breakfast skippers have bigger tummies than those who regularly have a morning meal.

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